Clean Planet is replacing the robotic car wash with a NEW Mark VII!

Albert Einstein famously quipped that anyone who has never
made a mistake, has never tried anything new

Not to intimate we are as smart as Einstein, but Clean Planet Car Wash tried something new - an eye-scanning robotic car wash customized to your vehicle.

Sounds GREAT, right?
It did to us too .... but it didn't work as designed!

And now we begin fixing the mistake by replacing the Plover robotic car wash with the newest version of Clean Planet Car Wash's existing Mark VII system!

Beginning May 31, Clean Planet Car Wash is removing the robotic Plover and replacing it with the most advanced version of our existing Mark VII!

It will take about 2 weeks to complete the job and Clean Planet will be back to full capacity!

A message from Clean Planet Car Wash CEO, Craig MacKay


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