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Fleet Cleaning Program

Extend the life of your fleet!

Your company trucks and delivery vehicles are rolling billboards for your company. If pranksters can write ‘Wash Me’ in the grime, that’s probably NOT the image you wish to portray!

Keep your fleet looking sharp and shiny so customers will easily recognize your clean, shiny vans, trucks, and service vehicles when they arrive in their neighborhood, or see them out on the road.

Regular car cleaning maintenance also protects your monetary investment, and reduces the risk of mechanical problems.

Enjoy the benefits of Clean Planet Car Wash’s affordable Fleet Cleaning Program:
  • 20% OFF Clean Planet Car Wash pricing starting at $9.00 per vehicle up to $14.00 including tax
  • Itemized monthly billing showing date, time, user, and type of wash
  • State of the art technology that immediately recognize fleet customers & expedite pricing and processing
  • Customizable options and limitations to control company usage
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