Something Wonderful is Coming to Clean Planet Car Wash this Summer!

Clean Planet May 2021

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The Plover Contour is not only the most advanced touchless car wash robot in the world - it is the FIRST in the world, and it is making its debut at Clean Planet Car Wash this summer!

The Plover Contour offers a precision car wash that is so intelligent, it produces 3D scans of your vehicle so it can provide a custom wash, designed specifically for your vehicle.

The robotic scan recognizes the exact contours of your vehicle, and even identifies accessories like roof racks and tow hooks, to target areas no other car wash can see - much less clean!

Built with consultation from Master automotive detailer and owner of Clean Planet Car Wash, Craig MacKay, the Plover Contour carefully controls the distance and pressure to deliver great wash results while never touching, thereby never harming your vehicle's paint.

The innovative Plover Contour can easily handle a vehicle height of 7'6" so dual axel trucks, SUVs, and oversized delivery vehicles can benefit from this precision wash experience.
And best of all - the Plover Contour is very smart about where water and chemicals are applied, lowering wasteful consumption by over 50% compared to leading competitors!

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The First in the World Plover Contour, Coming to Clean Planet Car Wash This Summer!

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