Windows Up, Germs Down

In addition to frequent cleaning and sanitizing measures, Clean Planet Car Wash has taken additional steps to further reduce your risk of exposure to germs.

We have now introduced our new Windows-Up wash program which allows you to your visit to our facility without the need to touch our kiosk screen.

To enjoy this new service, just purchase your next wash or an unlimited service package via our website or download our app.

If you download our app, you will get a free wash!

app store
app store

If you are not interested in our Windows-up Touch-free Option, everything stays the same, and rest assured our kiosk touch-screens are cleaned and sanitized constantly!

Are you an existing Unlimited customer?

Enjoy a 1-step modification to your Unlimited Service Package!

Call Clean Planet at (425) 949-8275 so we can modify your Unlimited Service Package for no extra charge, so you no longer have to touch our kiosk screen to choose between "Soft Brush" and "Touchless" options.